Research journal

I remembered the i’m supposed to log my research in order not to forget things, seeing that i’m really good at that(forgetting). 

Sunday i read “Field guide to Human-centered research” it’s a wonderful entry level book into the science and it’s simple enough. I’m not sure i like how it looks though but that ’s another story. I love that there is a french version, this will allow me to create a lexicon that we can use for creatiki. 

I was also reading “Salsa Dancing into the Social Science”, and although it feels slightly convoluted, i think it’s a good space for me to learn about the in-and out of qualitative research and reasoning. i should finish this book ASAP too.

Today is Monday, i read A survey of HCD (human centered design) by Vrendenburg, Mao, Smith and Carey. I think the best thing i can get out of this paper is how to present research findings. It’s so wonderfully structured. I couldn’t help but admire it. Their source list is good too and they all led me to realize that Don Norman is the guy i need to dissect. It was 4am in the morning. I fell asleep.

Woke up and after my routine, and some errand I started reading “user centered design a brief history”. this one struck me as very technical and a little dense. It goes through all the first proponent of HCD all the way down to now HCI (human computer interaction). This made me think that maybe I was diving too deep into the software engineering history and maybe not enough in the communication design space. I still need to finish it. It’s seems to hold so much insight. and can contribute to thicken my theoretical background.

I kept LOOKING for the actual first book Norman and Draper work on together, to no avail. It would be wonderful to have a look into the first time he coined the term. But I might need to stick to the DOET(design of everyday things) and the chapter it has on it (Chap 5, Human error? No bad design.)

It think that’s how i found all the other ressources by agonizing about Norman’s book.

I found the Interaction design foundation, and their lovely historical background on design thinking. And the way it travelled through so many fields of inquiry before coming to design (communication design). I will steal this way of exposing the historical perspective to map out my own literature review.

There was also the part about Wicked problems, and how design thinking address them. I still need to review Buchanan’s 2011 article to see if i remember what’s in it. but a part of me feels i will look at it from a totally different point of view.

During all this research some ideas came to my mind about the research and about life in general

On research

  • I can use a historical approach to frame my work on Design thinking From Norman, Brown, and all the others.
  • I will have to read up a little on Queer theory to decide which terminology to use (LGBTIQ? LGBT? etc) and explain it to an unlearned audience. I’m glad that Duncan pointed that out to me. 
  • I will have to have a look also at clarifying what i mean during the paper with design. I use design and communication design alternatively, but there are so many field that are covered under the umbrella term design that i must clarify for my research.
  • Names i’m seeing everywhere, Don Norman, And Herbert Simon. I still haven’t finished any of their books. *sigh* i don’t think i’ll have time this week, but Next Sunday i’m eating “science of the artificial”
  • For ethics i’m going to use the Little books of design ethics


ON life

  • I actually think design thinking and it’s emphasis on multidisciplinary collaboration has the potential to save our country, and better our family. but that’s a long shot. 
  • The above is what Creatiki will be about and online community of constantly growing designers. 
  • I should use personas more intentionally with Lucha. And use my research to document all of this. With Fempo too? Maybe
  • I should do these journal entry a lot more often. They make me appreciate how much work i actually do or don’t on a daily basis. Also screw pen and paper for journal entry. :D
  • My routine this morning was 30min Yoga, 3 sets of 20 push-ups, 3 sets of 20 squats, 5-10min meditation, and Tara Brach. 

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